Makita 4114S - 355mm Electric Stone Cutter


Makita 4114S 355mm Electric Stone Cutter

The new Makita 4114S electric stone saw will cut 5” deep in concrete, stone or brickwork and is ideal for all cladding and paving operations. The powerful 2,400 watt electric motor, which drives the 355mm blade, has the Makita soft-start system which starts the motor slowly even if the control switch is fully depressed. The motor builds up blade speed to a maximum of 3,500rpm.

The soft-start system protects both the operator and the machine by avoiding the torque kick if the motor went straight to max revs. Additionally in operation the machine and operator are protected by the SJS super-joint system which instantly disengages the drive if the blade gets snagged.

Whilst a petrol stone saw provides cutting capacity where mains electric power is not available, the electric stone saw generates less ambient machine noise which can be attractive in certain working environments.

The Makita 4114S provides a very accurate cutting process, ideal for decorative cladding that needs fine joint lines. The rigid base plate accurately adjusts to set the depth of cut and two small rollers at the rear enables the machine to be drawn backwards along the cut mark whilst the blade saws accurately through the material. The motor body position can be altered around the drive shaft to give the operator the most comfortable control of the process.

  • Blade Diameter: 355mm
  • Bore Size: 25.4mm
  • Maximum Cut: 125mm
  • No Load Speed: 3500rpm
  • Input Wattage: 2400w
  • Net Weight: 10.3Kg
  • SJS super-joint protection system

Kit Includes

  • Makita 4114S
  • Wrench
Makita  4114S - 355mm Electric Stone Cutter

Price: 384.60 exVAT
461.52 incVAT
Postage: £ 4.99

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