Stabila 16145 4-Point Laser Level


LA-4P Self Levelling 4 Point Laser 16145

This laser contains a horizontal @ 90 and a vertical beam. It emits 4 laser dots simultaneously; upwards, downwards, forwards and laterally in a right angle enabling the installation of internal construction elements perfectly perpendicular and at right angles to each other. A press button feature and the laser levels itself automatically, even on uneven surfaces. It has a pivotable support to which the LA-4P is docked. The platform can be screwed to walls, tied on to round posts and / or because of its built-in rare earth magnets mounted firmly on iron or steel elements. The platform also has extendable centring feet for precise vertical transfer of the centre points for drill holes or pipes.

Laser Beam accuracy:-

up beam 0.3mm
Down beam 0.20mm
Square beam 0.20mm

Kit comprises:-
4 point laser
Multi-purpose platform,
Wall bracket and two target plates
Sturdy carry case
Stabila 16145 4-Point Laser Level

Price: 283.92 exVAT
340.70 incVAT
Postage: £ 4.99

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